Experiencing His Presence

Raindrops_in_a_Puddle_AbstractThis morning I was sitting here at my computer with my head turned towards the nearby window. I was sitting and staring and the rain cascading down outside. This was more than our typical mist-type rain. It was really coming down pretty hard.

All of a sudden urge to go outside and stand in the rain. . .  and so I said, “Ok Lord,”. . . and I did. Bare feet and all I waltzed outside and tiled my head back opened my hands and just stood there in the rain. I began to feel every single drop hitting my face and arms and something about it was so beautiful, it almost felt magical. I was thoroughly enjoying it.

I stood there for what seemed about five minutes till I was completely wet and chilled enough that I thought I’d better retreat back inside. Call me crazy or what, but I thought that was a bit odd for someone who typically doesn’t like being wet and especially doesn’t like the feeling of clingy wet clothing.

As I sat here afterward I was thinking what was that all about, a thought came to my mind of something I had prayed earlier this morning. I prayed to feel a touch from God and I believe the rainfall was an answer to that prayer.

So often I look for God in the big things but he wanted me to know that he’s there in the everyday things. I often feel God presence when I stare at the ocean, watch a beautiful sunset, or look in the eyes of a newborn baby, but I must confess that sometimes fail to see him in the ordinary everyday events of life.

This reminds me of the truth that the more we start to look for God, the more we start to see Him everywhere and in everything. Sometimes I forget this, and need a reminder. I am so thankful for a God who answers prayers and see’s to it that he always gives us just what we need. I had to laugh because we as humans can tend to be super forgetful (some especially more than others, and especially me, teehee).

I also am reminded that in order to experience God, we sometimes have to enter into our surroundings and be willing to let ourselves get wet. God is there in the common as well as the uncommon. Often times when we step out in faith we strongly feel his presence with us, but I think he wants to remind us that he’s in the everyday experiences as well, walking through life with us.

I am reminded of the verse found in 2 Chronicles 16:9 which reads: “The eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.” God wants us continually looking to him so that he can show himself strong in us and in the everyday things of life. Thank you Lord for a reminder of this truth.

As we are in the midst of this Christmas season, I am reminded of the greatest gift God gave mankind. He sent his one and only son for us, our Immanuel (meaning God with us Matt. 1:23). God help us be mindful that you are always with us, that you never leave or forsake us and that you take great delight in us. Thank you for sending Jesus to die for our sin. Give us eyes to see you in the ordinary as well as the extraordinary! Help us to live lives worthy of the hope you have placed within us! Thank you for who you are and for all have done and for your continual and faithful expressions of love towards us! To you be the glory both now and forever! AMEN



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