My Test-imony

testimonySometimes I wonder why I do this blogging thing. Ut-o, I’m letting you in my brain again.  That’s how I sometimes feel when I’m writing and it’s not always comfortable or fun. And believe me, writing is NOT something I’m always passionately in love with. Writing can sometimes be difficult and taxing for me, but I believe it is something that God has asked me to do.

I actually grew up having difficulties learning to read.  To this day I still do not enjoy reading aloud, it brings back nightmares from when I was a kid.  Muttling my way through words and being ashamed in front of my peers and really not having any comprehension of what I just read because I was trying so hard just to get the words out.  And English, my o my that was beyond me. Beyond the basic noun, verb and adjective it was all just mumbo jumbo in my brain.

I always tell people when sharing this testimony that God has a great sense of humor.  I have friends that say they love to write and yet they feel they have nothing to write about. So what’s the deal here?  The deal is we serve an amazing God that want’s to use our weakness for his Glory. My writing reminds me that it’s not about me at all, but rather about Him.  It always reminds me that I need to get over myself to do what he calls me to do. And that when we surrender ourselves to Christ and realize that he is the one who made us as we are, we understand that he can use those very same things that pain us or are difficult for us, to bring Glory to himself.

Alot of my growth in God has been directly through reading and writing. Of course through reading of the word but also through others writings as well. This way God has helped me understand more of who he is and to understand that his ways are so opposite of the worlds.  He has helped me to know that he can be trusted and that following him is the only way. It is when we walk in obedience and not let our feelings or fears get in the way, that he will bless that obedience.

I don’t claim to be a great writer or to have all the answers but I trust in a God who does.  And I am so thankful for the work of the Holy Spirit in my life.  I look back over my blog and I see the faithfulness of God walking me through this journey.  He has been there every step of the way, leading and guiding and for that I am so thankful.  My writing  becomes not so much about me but about walking others through the journey with me and sharing the things God is teaching me for the benefit of others as well. We all have so much we can learn from each other.

Throughout the bible we see time and time again God using peoples weakness so that they would have to have to walk in faith and trust him.  God is an amazing teacher and In Him and Through Him the test’s he gives can become part of our testimony for his glory.

Lord Jesus thank you that you use our weakness for your glory.  That when we are weak, you are strong.  Help us to always walk in obedience and do the things that you ask of us.  Give us your eyes so that we may see the work you are calling us to do. Help us to be obedient and to trust in your faithfulness.  To you be the glory both now and forever. AMEN

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