Are You Playing it Safe?

sliding into baseI don’t know about you but I’ve always liked to play it safe. Most of my life I’ve always erred on the side of caution. To me, safety equals comfort.

As a kid I could remember I did not like to play team sports.  I was always afraid that I would not be good enough or have the necessary skills it took to help the team. So when I had the choice, I would choose not to play.

I think playing it safe leaves you with a temporary feeling of comfort, but I also think it leaves you with regret.  You are left wondering . . . What if?

When I think of safety I am reminded of the story of where the disciples were in the boat and Jesus was walking towards them on the water.  Peter called out to Jesus, “If that is you Lord, call me to walk out to you on the water.”  I admire Peter’s bravery to call out to Jesus and his willingness to step out of the boat.  If that was me on the scene, I know most likely I would be one of those other on looking apostles still in the boat.

I think when we become serious about following God it becomes necessary for us to get out of the boat.  It becomes a matter of trusting God and keeping our focus on him and letting him deal with the results.

God does not call us to live a life in the safety of our little boat.  The real action happens when we step out in faith and we get to see God work the miracle of walking on water.  We have to deliberately choose to step out in faith and not let comfort or fear control us but let the power of Christ sustain us.

Jesus himself did not lead a life of comfort and he reminds us that ours should not be either.  Jesus was despised and rejected, he was described as a man of sorrows and why if we call ourselves his followers should we expect to live in the safety of a rose garden?

Jesus challenged the systems of the world to prove that there was a better way, his father’s way and that God’s ways are not of this world.  The way to the father is following the path that Jesus took and that is the road less traveled. Proverbs 14:12 says that . . . There is a way that seems right to man, but in the end it leads to death.

Following Jesus and being bold for him and the truth will sometimes mean doing the uncomfortable.  It’s stepping out of the boat and not always playing it safe.  It means trusting God and getting in the game.  He is the one calling us out of our place of safety to come follow him and he is the only one who can really and truly keep us safe anyway. It’s a matter of trust and it’s a matter of obedience.  I know I don’t want to live a life of regret, do you? Let’s get in the game. We can trust HIM, the victory will be sweet!

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