The Journey

wooded pathAs 2012 comes to a close and I reflect upon the past year, the first thought that comes to my mind is gratitude.  I am so grateful to my Savior who has been ever so faithful and continues to pour out his amazing love in my heart and life.

The life we travel here on this earth is not a predictable one. It is continually full of twists, turns and the unknowns.  I am so thankful that God who has drawn me into this great journey with himself continues to show himself to me in remarkable ways and that his love and faithfulness know no bounds.

One area that I would have to say that God has really worked on my heart this year is in the area of trust.  He has shown me that he is a God to be trusted.  Sometimes because of hurts in our past, we tend to put up walls around our hearts.  We think these self-made fortresses will keep us safe from being hurt and then sometimes we bring that dis-trust into our relationship with God.

This year God has helped me to tear down those walls.  I am able to come before him in transparency knowing he is the God who loves me regardless of my performance.  He sees the good, the bad and the ugly and loves me all the same.  And in trusting Him he further helps me to live in a transparent and trusting relationship with others as well.

My communion time with God has grown rich and been such a sweet and precious time for me.  As we daily spend time with God, He longs for us to pour our hearts out before him.  He is ever the compassionate father who loves on us.  He hears and meets our needs according to what he knows is best for us and I have learned to trust in that.

I have found my truest self by daily surrendering to him and walking in obedience to his will for my life. It is in living the life that he has designed for me when he created me that I find peace and joy that only come from him.

As his children we are called to live in freedom and that freedom is found in living open-hearted and open-handed before him. Recognizing all the good I have in this life comes from him and that he is there to stand in the gap of the needs and longings of our hearts and to fill them with more of himself.

One of the verses that he continually put in my mind and heart this year was, “Not my might nor power, but by my Spirit says the Lord” (Zechariah 4:6). I find that when I am trusting in myself and my own strength then I fail miserably.  But when my trust is rooted and established in God and the strength of his Holy Spirit working in me, then he helps me to succeed and accomplish all that he has planned and that’s exciting to know and to see!

We serve a BIG God who yearns for us to seek him whole heartily and enjoy the daily fellowship of His presence in our lives. As I look forward to 2013, I am super excited and look forward with anticipation to what he is doing and what he continues to do.  It is my wish for you as well that you would continually seek his face and that he may fill your life with an abundance of love, joy and peace that come only from living a life fully surrendered to Him.  Enjoy the journey!

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

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