A penny and a promise!

pick-up-pennyThe other day I was helping my youngest daughter Natalie out of the back of the car on the busy side of the street.  As we walked around the front of the car and stepped up onto the curb, I noticed a shiny copper penny lying there on the ground.

I asked Natalie if she would pick it up and she exclaimed, “It’s just a penny.”  I told her to pick it up and to read what it says above Abraham Lincoln’s head.  She gave me a puzzled look and then read, “In God We Trust.” I reminded her that sometimes the simplest things can be our greatest reminders of God’s presence in our lives.  God is always there, he is always speaking, we just have to be looking and listening!

Often times in our lives, it can feel like we are on a treadmill.  Going round and round and not going anywhere. This usually happens when we lose our focus.  When we have clear focus we can see things for what they are, but when our focus gets fuzzy, things become unclear and we can become easily disillusioned.  God is in our circumstances and when we trust him and are looking for him, he can show himself to in the most amazing ways, no matter how difficult our circumstances may appear.

Satan loves to deceive us and make us lose our focus, because when we have the wrong focus our walk with God becomes counterproductive.  God is never far away.  When we trust his promises we know that he is always with us and that he never leaves or forsakes us.  At times we don’t always feel his presence but we can know (because his word says so) that he is always there.

  • I AM THE WAY  – We walk by faith and not by sight. Trusting God means we walk by faith in the promises of his word and not by the feelings in our lives which can so often be misleading.  The bible says in John 14:6 . . . I am the way, the truth, and the life . . . when we follow after God he points out the way for us to follow.
  • THE TRUTH – He is the truth.  Satan is the father of lies and tries to distract us from the truth.  The truth of God is found in his word and that is why it is important that we are rooted and grounded in him.  We as believers are to know the word so that we are able to discern the truth from lies.
  • AND THE LIFE  – Jesus is the life.  In him is light and the light was the life of all men.  He comes to give us abundant life in him.  This doesn’t mean a problem free life, but a life that is brimming with peace and joy that come not from our circumstances but from living in communion with him.

Sometimes the littlest things can be the biggest reminders.  God is continually trying to speak to us.  Are we listening? Like the reminder on the penny, we need to Trust God and his Word, they always make perfect “Cents.”

One thought on “A penny and a promise!

  1. I love this simple reminder…even the little thing that we take for granted, a penny, is a great reminder of His presence in our lives!

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