Focused Faith

As I once again read the familiar account of Noah in the book of Genesis, I am inspired by Noah’s high level of commitment to God.  Can you imagine living in his day and age and having the level of obedience Noah did?  I wonder what might have been going through Noah’s head when God gave him that task.  To me it would have seemed daunting.  To build a ship of those proportions, with what must have been such limited tools and resources at the time.  And yet Noah acted in perfect obedience and did what God had asked of him.

I really wholeheartedly respect Noah’s noble character.  He trusted God.  Maybe that’s why he “found favor” in God’s eyes, (ya think?).  He knew that God would not give him a task that he knew he couldn’t accomplish.  Noah concentrated on what God wanted him to do and he left the rest up to God.  Noah knew that in and of himself this job would have been impossible.  But he trusted God and he built, knowing with God all things are possible.  Noah didn’t look at his circumstances and complain, he simply obeyed.

I often times find myself with the faith more like that of Moses.  He gave God a list of excuses why he couldn’t do what God was calling him to do.  He had the big “I” syndrome.  I can totally relate.  The problem with the “I” syndrome is that it is “I” focused instead of God focused.  In and of ourselves we cannot do what God calls us to do, but when we trust and obey like Noah, great feats can be accomplished for God.

We must believe and trust that God will give us the necessary strength to do what he calls us to do.  The bible says in Hebrews 11:6, “Without faith it is impossible to please God.”  God want’s us to have the same level of faith and obedience today as that of Noah.  God is the same God, he never changes. He will never ask us to do something that he will not provide us with the resources for.   As with Noah, it is a matter of trust and obedience.  God is the master builder. When he calls, will we be found faithful to do what he asks of us?

4 thoughts on “Focused Faith

  1. Erin says:

    Wonderful Jenni. Yes, I am afraid I relate more to Moses’ way of serving the Lord….I use way more”yeah, buts” than I do” Yes Lords”

  2. What God assigns us, He provides the materials for. Encouraging, Jenny. Thank you!

  3. rbodenstab says:

    Very challenging! We must also remember that Noah was also human as we are and faith is not the absence of doubt, but rather the believing through the questions. Faith is “not knowing” not necessarily “not questioning”; we can believe and still wonder. May our faith be focused on our faithful God!

  4. Yolanda says:

    Aw! So funny! I’ve been reading about Noah! Just gave this post a little peek… but don’t have enought time to sit and finish it… so going to make sure to come back to this one! May God bless your day today!

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